Our restoration, painting, and varnish services exceed expectations with expert techniques and attention to detail. We tailor our services to meet clients’ unique needs, preserving and enhancing original pieces. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures complete client satisfaction.



David A. Sabillon, the Alfa & Omega Enterprises Inc. founder, is a certified contractor who graduated from his first technical school in 1990. Upon arriving in the United States, he continued his education at Seminole State College, and courses at Mid Florida College. He worked for the Rosen Hotels & Resorts hospitality chain for 8 years, specializing in room restoration, maintenance, and more.

In 2005, he decided to establish his own company, Alfa & Omega Enterprises Inc.

In 2008, he was selected to undertake a project for the first “Green Home Lake Silver in College Park Florida” sponsored by PBS TV. He successfully completed this project, which included approximately 18,000 square feet both inside and out, using the best Benjamin Moore paint (AURA).

In 2009, he was hired to work on the first car simulator for Formula ONE located in Isleworth Lake Butler, Windermere FL. He designed the interior cabin using stain and paint applications for the simulator.

In 2011, he was invited to participate in the Sikkens-sponsored seminar in Orlando, FL (at that time the main plant and supplier was in Amsterdam, Holland), where there were more than 100 contractors trying to obtain the highest level of certification, known as “P3 Member” by Sikkens. He was the second to be awarded and currently remains the only contractor in central Florida with this certification. He has had this certification by Sikkens P3 member (#40433753) since 3/4/2011.

Sikkens is the best stain and varnish in the world, with major UV protection on the market. With the Proctor and Gamble (PPG) company owning a franchise in the USA, this changed the logo to reflect PROLUXE, however, it remains the same product. With over 200 doors restored, he remains a leader in this line of service.

He uses the FESTOOL sanding equipment for all his restoration projects. This outstanding tool, made in Germany, provides zero dust and has a HEPA certified vacuum.

Finally, David has extensive experience and his team has been certified for more than 25 years in the market, having completed more than 400 projects at the highest quality possible. He has completed several projects for design firms in both Park Avenue, Winter Park and Windermere, Florida.


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We are proud to inform our clients that our restoration, painting, and varnish services go beyond expectations. Our team of experts use cutting-edge techniques and the latest technologies to ensure precision and attention to detail in every project. We work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and tailor our services accordingly. Our restoration services preserve the original piece while restoring its beauty and functionality. Our painting services offer custom-tailored solutions with a range of techniques and finishes to choose from. Our varnish services provide long-lasting protection and shine because we use Sikkens products, which provide the best UV protection in the market. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with the final product.